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Cheap Conveyancing in Australia

From the cost of conveyancing to international conveyancing research - Cheap Conveyancing offers you the practical tips and the latest news and views on conveyancing in Australia. And for those looking for professional support, there’s a directory of property lawyers and conveyancing specialists offering cheap conveyancing services.

Cheap Conveyancing Australia – Find a Conveyancer.  

To help you find a cheap conveyancer in your area, we’ve developed Australia’s biggest Directory of Conveyancers offering the most competitive rates in each region. There is a great deal of conveyancers in Australia and this directory will help you to find the right one for your property transaction to ensure the fastest and smoothest deal.Searching is easy, simply select your area below and review local lawyers:  Find a Conveyancer


What is conveyancing?

Under Australian law, conveyancing is term used to describe the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another or the granting of an interest such as a mortgage. In practice, the term is used for the branch of law dealing with the conveyance of the property, which involves the drafting of legal documents to transfer property.  In Australia Conveyancing falls under property law and is supported by a system of land registration. Involving a three stage process (before contract, before completion and after completion) the conveyancing process is designed to ensure that the purchaser of property will legally secure title of land and all associated rights, while being aware of any restrictions.

Conveyancing in Australia can be completed by both a property lawyer (also known as a property solicitor) or a licensed conveyancer. Irrespective of the type of conveyancer chosen, the process will take 4-6 weeks – during which they will perform a number of legal requirements in real estate transactions such as title searches, checking restrictions on the property, arrange payments, handle councils and prepare legal documents.

What Does a Conveyancer Do?

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, an Australian-qualified conveyancer or property lawyer is essential for ensuring legal transaction with full title rights assigned. These property specialists offer you legal advice of Australian property law, provide all required legal documentation and conduct required due diligence. Without a conveyancing expert in Australia it is very difficult to conduct title searches, ensure contractual obligations are met (incl. payment arrangements).

Services provided by Australian qualified conveyancers and property lawyers includes: property searches (e.g. contaminated land, council property, land tax, titles, etc), council inspection, arrangements for payments of fees and charges, and adjustments for costs (e.g. water rates, strata payments, etc).



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